How to play Omaha poker

Omaha poker as a game appeared somewhere in the mid 70s of the last century. In those days, in most of the states of America, this type of poker was very popular in which five cards were dealt. But over time, in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, the rules of the game were changed, poker players began Read More

How to play Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Poker is another of the many varieties of poker in which the player plays against the dealer. The object of the game of Caribbean Poker is to make a hand that is higher than the hand the dealer made. The player has the right to play with one hand, two, and so on up Read More

How to play Seven Card Stud Poker

Poker is a game, the beginning of which is accompanied by the distribution of a certain number of cards, face down or up. There are two (Texas Hold’em), five ( Omaha , Russian, Oasis poker) and six options for dealing cards ( Six-Card Poker ), and the game of Seven-Card Stud is also quite popular. Read More

Video Poker

Free Poker Machines – Options Available and How to Play Them to Win Big

Poker machines or video poker slots were introduced to the world in the 1970s when slots were very popular. Combining the gameplay of slots and poker, these gambling options immediately gained immense popularity. They have several important features – simple rules, do not require interaction with other players and the dealer, offer fast gameplay. It’s Read More

Online Poker gambling Canada for local players

In Canada (especially in the northern part of the country), this famous card game is completely legal. Therefore, today, within all local provinces, every interested and very active user has the opportunity to get to the best sites with this entertainment, where direct access to online Poker gambling Canada is open and any gambling person Read More

poker rules

Poker Rules: It’s Not Very Difficult

Poker is the name of a family of card games in which the players usually play with a 52 card set and try to create the combination (poker hand) with the greatest possible value from five cards. In order to create a little tension, the poker players place a more or less valuable stake (chips, Read More

Poker hands: which are better?

The main goal when choosing a poker hand is to make the highest possible combination of five cards. In this way, you are aiming to win the pot when the cards will be revealed and there will come a showdown. Another way to win the pot is to bluff, but even in this case, it Read More

Free online poker Canada without a client

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at online poker but were a little scared by the speed, skills, or the thought of losing money, no download poker is a great way to enjoy the game. If you stick to playing with notional money, this is literally unlimited free poker practice! What is browser Read More

play poker online

Play Poker Online Free – Best Options to Play Against Computer

Who said that poker is a dangerous game – especially for beginners – that can cause big losses? If you are an unprepared player, there are tons of apps, trainers and casino websites offering to play poker online free without downloading, no registration is required. We’ve looked at many poker sites to provide you with Read More

Play Poker Online for Money – Game Options Available to Canadian Gamblers

It is not surprising that Canada has such a developed online poker community, as the Canadian is one of the most outstanding poker players. Playing poker online is the best way to test your skills in the real game. We decided to take a look at all Canadian-friendly poker rooms to highlight some of the Read More